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Introduction to Mosaics
Intermediate Mosaics
Fused Glass Workshop
Check out our adult program for more information.

Mosaics for Kids
Mosaic Weekend Workshop for Kids and their Parents
Make Your Own "Mommy & Me/Daddy & Me" Party

Check out our kids program for more information.

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     For people who want to learn how to make mosaics and have fun doing it, to purchase mosaic supplies and tools, or find unique gifts, Viagra For Sale In Usa Stores With Next Day Delivery in Weslaco . is the place.
     We offer a variety of mosaics classes for all experience levels, all necessary supplies for making mosaics, and a gallery filled with mosaics and other items perfect for the home or a gift.  We are excited to be expanding our classes by offering a series of glass fusing workshops. 
     Classes are taught in a relaxed atmosphere great for socializing or getting down to serious creating and provide plenty of one-on-one instruction that cannot be found in larger craft classes.

     I look forward to seeing you soon,
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